DevX-Magic Studio/GameRecovery - Utility security analysis and export data from a distribution built on Unity3D platform.


DevX-Magic Studios Utility security analysis and export data from a distribution built on Unity3D platform.


- Opening of distribution files (Unity standalone files - Win, MAC, Linux / APK, iOS)
- View scene structures
- View resources content (text, images, sounds, meshes, scripts, scene objects)
- View scripts source code (decompile)
- Export resources and scripts (convert image asset to PNG, export Mesh to obj format, decompile assemblies, etc.)
- Export with make unity project (scenes, plugins, scripts, resources - only for DevXUnity-UnpackerStudio type license)

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DevXUnity Obfuscator Pro - A professional protection tool and localization for Unity 3D applications. 

Protection against unpacker tools
Protects code and resources from export 


Product "DevXUnity-Obfuscator Pro" - is a complex protection utility for Unity 3D platform, and is designed to support:
- obfuscated scripts and libraries
- Product localization (stage code, auto-translation)
- Encryption resources and string code data
- Protection from code analysis

Key features:
- Support for obfuscation in actual real-time mode.
- Support obfuscation: Script (C #, Script, Boo) and libraries (DLL Assembly)
- Symbol obfuscation involves renaming classes, methods and their parameters, fields, properties, a set of meaningless characters;
- Possibility of insertion of the application work restriction by time;
- Protection of data used by PlayerPrefs;
- Encrypt string data and resources assets;
- Automated localization of the scenes and the code in many languages.
- Support for automatic transfer of resources to the selected language
- spell checker support (en, ru)
- The ability to export and import of resource localization in CSV format as well as the loading of GoogleSheets
- Protection from code analysis

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