05.02.2018 .NET Core 2.1 Roadmap
Появился .NET Core 2.1 Roadmap

[CLI] Build-time performance improvements.
[CLI] Global tools; replaces .NET CLI Tools (DotNetCliToolReference).
[CoreCLR] Minor-version roll-forward.
[CoreCLR] No-copy array slicing with Span<T>.
[CoreFX] HttpClient performance improvements.
[CoreFX] Windows Compatibility Pack.
[ASP.NET] SignalR is available for .NET Core.
[ASP.NET] HTTPS is on by default for ASP.NET.
[EF] Basic lazy loading support.
[EF] Support for Azure Cosmos DB.

И опять ничего для десктопного GUI. Почему и как с этим жить?

10.12  .NET Reactor
15.11  n
15.11  C# ClickOnce
22.01  PDF to Image