22.08.2017 Prevent XSS Attacks using Content Security Policy
The Content-Security-Policy meta-tag allows you to reduce the risk of XSS attacks by allowing you to define where resources can be loaded from, preventing browsers from loading data from any other locations.

21.08.2017 Drawing a Custom Mainframe Window for MFC SDI Applications
How to completely take control of drawing a custom application window including the captionbar, menubar, toolbar, borders and statusbar in MFC Single document interface(SDI) applications using the MfcSkinSDI class.

21.08.2017 Simple Financial Calculations using Simple Javascript (part 1) - Inventory Valuation Methods
The beginnings of a simple visualization into an assortment of financial calculations using simple JavaScript

21.08.2017 PVS.AVPlayer - MCI Sound Recorder
A brief guide for creating a sound recorder with the PVS.AVPlayer library

21.08.2017 How to Get Raw (Positional) Data from HTC Vive?
This article explains how to get position (x,y,z) and rotation (qw, qx, qy, qz) of HTC Vive headset or controllers.

21.08.2017 What is package-lock.json file in Node NPM?
What is the need of package-lock.json file ?

21.08.2017 VS 2017 Offline Installation Folder Cleanup
Cleanup the VS 2017 offline installation folder of old versions

21.08.2017 Story of Equality in .NET - Part 5
This article is in the continuation of a series of articles regarding how Equality works in .NET and it is specific to how Equality operator works for reference types.

21.08.2017 Story of Equality in .NET - Part 4
This article is the continuation of the previous three articles regarding how Equality works in .NET, the purpose is to give developers a more clear understanding on how .NET handles equality for types.

21.08.2017 Story of Equality in .NET - Part 3
In this article, you will learn about IEquatable interface in .NET and how it solves some of the equality problems for value types.

21.08.2017 Story of Equality in .NET - Part 2
In this post, we will see how smartly .NET handles equality and comparison for value types and reference types.

21.08.2017 Story of Equality in .NET - Part 1
The purpose of this post is to outline and explore some of the issues that make performing the equality much more complex than you might expect.

21.08.2017 Organizing Fluent Configurations into Separate Classes in EF Core 1.0
Organizing Fluent configurations into separate classes in EF Core 1.0

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