19.06.2018 Interop in .NET nanoFramework
Using Interop to call native (C/C++) code from C# (managed) library with .NET nanoFramework

19.06.2018 Better URL Building with Flurl
An introduction to Flurl, an open-source .NET library for fluently building URLs

19.06.2018 Dockers Understanding
Docker is a computer program that performs operating-system-level virtualization also known as containerization

19.06.2018 EntityWorker.Core - An Alternative to Entity Framework
EntityWorker.Core - an alternative to entity Framework

19.06.2018 Deep Learning using Python + Keras (Chapter 3): ResNet
Third article of a series of articles introducing deep learning coding in Python and Keras framework

19.06.2018 Discovering What Your Code Is Doing Using a 20x4 LCD With Your Nano
A main challenge to learning Arduino programming is that there is no debugger that will show you what your hardware is actually doing. Learn how easy it is to connect an LCD to write "logging" statements.

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15.11  C# ClickOnce