14.08.2018 Integrate Firebase Phone Authentication With Laravel
In this article, I will demonstrate how to integrate Firebase phone number authentication in Laravel.

14.08.2018 Displaying Data And Handling Events In Angular
Here We'll learn different binding approaches like class binding, style binding and property binding. We'll see how to display the data in the view and handle any event in the DOM.

14.08.2018 Re-execute test-cases and merge the Robot framework reports via Jenkins
This article will cover some very less common and highly used Robot Framework and Ipy command to follow within your Jenkins job.

14.08.2018 Outline Text
How to draw a text with an outline

14.08.2018 Outline Text - Part 2
Outline Text Part 2

14.08.2018 Poor Man Web Monitoring tools
This article shares the idea on how to utilize free tools to download log files from server, upload IIS log files into the database, display the results and compare the baseline and production files.

14.08.2018 Learn NServiceBus from .NET Core WebAPI
Convert an existing .NET Core WebAPI application to NServiceBus

14.08.2018 Reset username and password of IIS Server Application Pool
CodeProjectThere are chances where we need to get Application Pools user name and password for further modifications such as refreshing account or changing password for the users..

14.08.2018 How to create custom paging for a crystal report viewer
This article will provide you the alternative way to navigate page in a crystal report viewer, as default paging looks broken

14.08.2018 Getting Started with Machine Learning DotNet (ML.NET)
In this article we will see on how to develop our first ML.Net application to predict the Item stock quantity. In this article we will see on how to develop our first ML.Net application to predict the Item stock quantity.

14.08.2018 CppEvent - How to implement events using standard c++
This article shows how we can implement a thread-safe events (similar to .NET events) mechanism using the standard C++ library.

13.08.2018 Convert Files to PDF on Linux using PHP and LEADTOOLS Cloud Services
LEADTOOLS Cloud Services brings the power of LEADTOOLS document imaging to virtually any programming environment. Its affordable consumption-based pricing model and Web API architecture can get your application rolling quicker than most APIs and SDKs on the market.

13.08.2018 Getting Started With Docker
Getting started with Docker by installing it and pulling a small image

13.08.2018 C++ Object Relational Mapping (ORM)- Eating the Bun - Part 1 of N
Creating a simple ORM for C++ on-top of SQL database

13.08.2018 Web Application Security Thoughts
Thoughts on Web Application Security

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