21.04.2018 Very thin Database Layer using UnitOfWork pattern and EntityFramework
Building very thin database layer when using unit of work pattern together with Enityframework

21.04.2018 Chess console game in C++
Simple chess game, written in C++, that runs in a console. Made for didatic purposes and fun :)

21.04.2018 Angles of AngularJS - Part-2
Part 2 – Extending AngularJS to make it more simple and dynamic

20.04.2018 LINQ Part 3: An Introduction to IQueryable
Part 3 in the LINQ series, this provides an introduction to IQueryable, IQueryProvider, and LINQ expression trees.

20.04.2018 Augmented Reality Video Conference
In this article, we will integrate ARKit in a video conference scenario.

20.04.2018 Authentication in Angular
Aunthentication of user using canActivate routing in Angular

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15.11  C# ClickOnce
17.04  Wpf binding