10.12.2017 RWMutex: A Shared/Exclusive Recursive Mutex
A mutex with shared/exclusive access

10.12.2017 Another number theory problem
This is the second post dedicated to the problems set posted on "Math, Math Education, Math Culture" LinkedIn group. Here is the original LinkedId discussion, again ... if you happen to have a LinkedIn account. Here is the problem: Prove that the sequence a1=1, a2=11, a3=111, a4=1111,... contains a

10.12.2017 C++ tip: Modification inside const function
Modification inside const member function

10.12.2017 C++ tip: Make your class non-copyable without Boost
Make your class non-copyable without Boost

10.12.2017 A Note on Webpack @Angular and Miscellaneous
This is a note on Webpack, @Angular and miscellaneous topics.

10.12.2017 Some Myths of Textbook-TDD , and Why They Are Wrong
Given here are some myths of 'textbook-TDD' and why they are wrong

09.12.2017 TraceHub, a flexible solution for Web based structured logging
Overview of TraceHub, and the design concepts/contexts behind this open source project

09.12.2017 Azure : EventGrid/Azure Function demo
Small demo of using Azure Functions and Azure EventGrid together

09.12.2017 Color Topics for Programmers
Discusses color spaces, color generation, and other general color topics commonly faced by programmers.

09.12.2017 .NET String Interning to Improve String Comparison Performance (C# Examples)
It's worthwhile knowing the what, when and why to improving string comparison performance. In this article, I will explore one way, string interning.

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