25.02.2018 Random Number Generator Recommendations for Applications
Most apps that use random numbers care about either unpredictability or speed/high quality.

25.02.2018 .NET Core versioning demystified
Version all your .NET Core projects in one swoop fell !

25.02.2018 Develop and Deploy Microsoft Flow Applications
.Development and deployment of Microsoft Applications has never been easy. In actual production environments you need to develop your application, test it, release to UAT and ultimately release to the live environment...

25.02.2018 SQL Server Brute Force Attack Detection
Prevent brute-force login attacks on a remotely accessible SQL Server database using T-SQL.

25.02.2018 Creating a Wix# Installer That Includes Prerequisites - Part 1
Learn to use Wix# to create an installer for you application that bundles multiple msi's, runtimes, and other dependencies

25.02.2018 Fun With Attributes
Abusing attributes, and loving it.

25.02.2018 Entity Framework not inserting rows into SQL Server database table
Solving the "Store update, insert, or delete statement affected an unexpected number of rows (0)" response.

24.02.2018 ReInventing Neural Networks
Neural Networks can do a lot of amazing things, and you can understand how you can make one from the ground up. You can actually be surprised how easy it is to develop one from scratch!

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15.11  C# ClickOnce
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