.NET Reflector, Explore, browse, and analyze .NET assemblies

Explore, browse, and analyze .NET assemblies

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  • Explore .NET assemblies in an easy-to-understand, natural way
  • Understand the relationships between classes and methods
  • Find where types are instantiated and exposed
  • Check that your code has been correctly obfuscated before release
  • 30 Add-Ins available for free



.NET Reflector enables you to easily view, navigate, and search through, the class hierarchies of .NET assemblies, even if you don't have the code for them. With it, you can decompile and analyze .NET assemblies in C#, Visual Basic, and IL.



.NET Reflector lets you disassemble and analyze assemblies

View the full demo to find out more about how .NET Reflector can help you understand what happens behind the scenes.

If you need to understand why the code you are looking at does not work as expected, simply download your free copy here.



Защитится от просмотра можно используя наш пордукт Inquartos Obfuscator






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